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The Irish have made ripples around the world through our innovation. Often, it’s our literary history that’s most widely talked about, but our small island has produced entrepreneurs, academics and creatives who have excelled in every walk of life, from maritime research to medical science. This pioneering history has helped shape the depth and diversity seen in Ireland today, particularly in our three top arenas for international conferences: medical science, technology and aviation.

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Dublin, Ireland’s capital city is the country's economic hub. It’s home to nine of the USA’s top 10 technology companies (including Google, Facebook and PayPal), while 20 out of 25 of the world’s top financial services companies, the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and 14 out of 15 of the top medical technology companies are also located here.

In the south of the country, Cork is a hub of learning and innovation; traditional educational landmarks like University College Cork complement more specialised institutions like Cork College of Commerce. Tyndall and Rubicon Centre continue to make leaps forward in research, communication and business. Cork City has always been known for its pharmaceutical credentials but in recent years, U.S technology companies like Apple and EMC have established a strong presence there.

One of Kerry’s greatest strengths is tourism, but Tralee is fast making a name for itself in the technology sector with Institute of Technology Tralee and major FinTech players like FEXCO. Outside of Dublin, the largest concentration of Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland is within the Shannon region, home to medical devices and pharma companies like Stryker and Vistakon. The University of LimUniversity College Corkerick continues to shine when it comes to engineering, health sciences and business, while Limerick Institute of Technology promotes innovation and enterprise in the area.

Galway’s creative spirit needs no introduction, and will be celebrated when the city becomes the European Capital of Culture in 2020. The medical device eco-system in Galway is one of the top five medical device clusters in the world, with 80% of the world's heart stents made there.

Beyond economic impact, international association conferences have provided the country with knowledge transfers, boosting our global reputation and enabling us to promote Irish innovation in ground-breaking institutions. Ultimately, they leave a legacy of social and economic gain that stretches far beyond the conferences themselves, especially when every region has something to offer.

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