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A wealth of facilities makes hosting conferences in Ireland a seamless pleasure: that includes nine universities, over 45 hospitals, 1,200 leading multinational companies, more than 45 centres of excellence, 60,000 bedrooms, 230+ venues and hotels and two purpose-build convention centres. 

Our experience with hosting world-class global conferences means that all the hard work is taken care of. Meet in Ireland has supported over 1,000 conferences since 2015 and welcomed over 350,000 international delegates from fields such as endocrinology, food science, ice-skating and flower arranging. 

Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone; our impressive sectoral strengths make us the ideal hub for international associations. Award-winning researchers, corporations and 1,200+ multinationals all come together to form a multilingual culture, with national expertise in tech, science, aviation and more.  


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