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For a small island, Ireland shines on the global stage when it comes to its international reputation. With top international conferences and scores of high-profile meetings taking place here every year, our Conference Ambassadors have helped boost the nation’s profile on the world map by drawing academic and professional peers and colleagues to our shores for successful events.

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Half of all conferences confirmed for Ireland each year are secured by an Irish Conference Ambassador; that’s why Meet in Ireland partners with top thinkers, innovators and researchers at home and overseas through the Conference Ambassador Programme.

What does the Conference Ambassador Programme offer?

The Conference Ambassador Programme was developed to support individuals who want to host an international conference in Ireland, and provides assistance and financial support at every stage of the event. From the initial bid to the event itself, the Meet in Ireland team work hard to support Conference Ambassadors to deliver successful conferences and provide unique experiences for delegates. 

Who are the Conference Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are sector leaders or influencers in their field; as the Irish representatives of international organisations, they’re well-placed to spark interest in their home country. Since 2009, the Conference Ambassador programme has motivated over 1,000 experts from academia and medical science to tech companies and special interest groups, to bid for and host international conferences. 
Geraldine Boylan, Professor of Neonatal Physiology at University College Cork and Director of the Science Foundation Ireland funded INFANT Research Centre

Why become a Conference Ambassador?

As a leader in your field, inviting your international colleagues to meet in Ireland reflects well on you and your organisation, provides an opportunity to showcase your successes, and strengthens your networks. It’s also a chance to create a unique and fun gathering for colleagues and peers, while demonstrating what the famous Irish welcome is all about, and the amazing amenities the country offers.

The impact of hosting conferences in Ireland goes beyond tourism and economic gain to include palpable knowledge transfer, a boost to our global credibility and the chance to promote Irish innovation within world-leading networks. The Conference Ambassador Programme now has over 2,000 members, each one playing a key role in this process. 

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There are many ways we can help, including providing information about approved Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs) — who can guide you through the logistics and operations, and work alongside you every step of the way. If you’re interested in becoming a Conference Ambassador, or are in the process of organising a conference in Ireland, get in touch with us in the early stages of planning for the full range of our support.

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