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No visit to Ireland is complete until you’ve…

A fun list of ten experiences your delegates need to mark off
their list during their Irish visit.

Organising an event in Ireland? Well, your delegates are in for a treat. From vibrant, cosmopolitan cities to soaring mountains that sweep down to miles of golden sandy beach, we really have it all. We’re also (if we do say so ourselves) pretty charming, and with that charm comes a lot of unique Irish quirks! And so, we’ve put together a list of ten experiences your delegates need to mark off their list during their Irish visit – that is, once meetings have finished and business is taken care of! Some of these recommendations are practical, others a little more fun. Read on…

1. Stood atop the Cliffs of Moher

Sunset view from the peak of the Cliff of Moher

You’ve no doubt heard about these magnificent cliffs, located in Co. Clare on the epic Wild Atlantic Way touring route. From their peak, you can gaze out at the Aran Islands, and – if you’re lucky – the elusive wave known as Aileen’s. Feeling extra adventurous? Why not opt for a thrilling helicopter ride over the cliffs for the ultimate vantage point!

2. Seen A Ghost

Okay, so we can’t guarantee this one, but we can certainly steer you in the direction of some very atmospheric Irish sites. Given that we’re a nation of storytellers and poets, it’s no surprise that Ireland is steeped in myth and folklore; as such, ghost stories have always been part of our narrative. Wicklow and Cork Gaols once housed thousands of unfortunate inmates, the spirits of whom are said to roam the jails halls at night. Loftus Hall meanwhile holds the title of Ireland’s most haunted house! Tours run regularly (and of course, all these experiences are available for corporate hire). If you have a particularly brave group though, you can spend the wee hours of Hallowe’en in Lockdown in Loftus Hall. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you…

3. Thanked the bus driver

Passengers getting off a bus and thanking the driver

This next one is a very unique ‘Irishism’ indeed. Friendly folk that we are, we always thank the driver as we disembark his or her bus. Luckily, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practise, given the many fantastic bus services available around the country! The folks at Kerry Coaches for example offer a range of packages around the epic ‘Kingdom’ of Kerry, including golf trips, sightseeing and VIP travel.

4. Driven over the Conor Pass into Dingle

Conor Pass in the spectacular Dingle Peninsula

One of Kerry’s many highlights is the Conor Pass, a winding clifftop road that opens up to reveal the spectacular Dingle Peninsula. Continue into Dingle town on the Wild Atlantic Way and peruse its charming boutiques, friendly bars and delicious seafood restaurants. You can learn all about local brewing on a tour of the Dingle Distillery, while those of you visiting during winter may be lucky enough to happen upon Other Voices, an intimate music festival set in the town’s cosy pubs and venues.


5. Poured your own pint

Pour your own pint at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

You’ll no doubt enjoy a pint or two of the black stuff during your visit. But discovering the fine art of pouring this iconic beverage will take your honorary Irishness to the next level! As you’ll learn during a tour or event in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, there’s a real knack to the famous two-part pour. Allowing the pint to settle requires the patience of a saint, but believe us when we tell you, it’s worth the wait.

Gif via Metro

6. Enjoyed a seaweed bath

Seaweed bath at the Voya spa in Sligo

You’ll be kept busy experiencing all the fun activities on this list, but don’t worry – we understand the importance of intense relaxation too! At spa centres like Voya in Sligo, locally-foraged seaweed is used to prepare luxurious baths. The silky oils from the fucus serratus plants are incredibly therapeutic, relieving sore muscles and leaving skin moisturised. Atlantic Irish Seaweed in Kerry meanwhile take tours out to forage and make tasty meals out of these nutritious sea plants.


7. Learned cúpla focail

As you’ll quickly figure out from our road signs, Irish words can be a bit of a mouthful! Gaelic is a beautiful, ancient language though, and well worth picking up cúpla focail [a couple of words]. Nestled in the serene Gaeltacht [Irish-speaking region] of Connemara in Galway, Cnoc Suain is a cultural retreat offering a rare glimpse into Irish rural life in the 17th century. Here you’ll learn about the culture, heritage and language that still permeate this beautiful part of the country.


8. Taken a black taxi tour in Belfast

Map of the Black Taxi Tour in Belfast

Belfast is a vibrant city in Co. Antrim with a rich, compelling, and often tempestuous history. During your stay, be sure to learn more on a Black Taxi tour with a knowledgeable local driver. One fascinating option will take you to some of the colourful murals dotted around the city, while the Game of Thrones location tour visits the haunting setting of this popular TV show. The Giant’s Causeway in north Antrim meanwhile is a dramatic natural phenomenon that was either created by a volcanic eruption… or two feuding giants!

Illustration via Elly Walton

9. Visited Malin Head

One of the country’s most enchanting locations is its most northerly point; Malin. Wild and windswept, it faces out into the crashing North Atlantic, and is one of the Wild Atlantic Way’s most remote and magical places. Be sure to grab a refreshment at Café Banba (Ireland’s most northerly coffee shop!) before tracing the Banba’s Crown clifftop walkway. This region is also a prime viewpoint for magical Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights; this solar light-show really has to be seen to be believed.

10. Drunk copious amounts of tea

Gif of pouring a cup of tea

So, we’ve referenced Guinness, but this last highlight regards the other black stuff. That’s right; we Irish are incredibly passionate about our tea. It’s never too late in the day to flick on the kettle and brew up a pot, so make sure you know your how much milk and sugar you prefer, as you’ll be asked this question a lot! Plenty of establishments offer up delicious Afternoon Tea, so be sure to book yourself in. The Shelbourne in Dublin, Gregan’s Castle in Clare and Mount Juliet in Kildare are just three delicious options to sample an Irish Tea Party. Now that’s refreshing!

Those are just some of the uniquely Irish things we recommend your delegates cross off their list during their Irish visit, but remember, there’s a whole island just waiting to be explored! From bustling Dublin to the historic sites of Ireland’s Ancient East and onto the rugged Wild Atlantic Way, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to putting together a unique itinerary for them

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