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Add a Corporate Social Responsibility element to your next MICE event in Dublin

Get a feel for Dublin while improving accessibility options, going off grid, cleaning beaches, or supporting the homeless.

Access Earth

Access Earth
Access Earth is a free online platform offering mobility information for anyone who needs it, and your delegates can help feed into the data this platform provides. Delegates will be broken into teams and set loose to try to win the top spot on the leader-board, by mapping as many places as possible.

You can explore the streets of Dublin while also learning how to map the world around you, providing mobility information for those who need it.This interactive, team activity encourages collaboration, while leaving a legacy from which masses will benefit.

Delegate numbers: 20-120 per session
What it is: Interactive mapping and team-building activity
Who it supports: People with accessibility needs – anyone from the elderly with mobility concerns to wheelchair users.
Time needed: 1-2 hours
Who to contact: Matt McCann

Clean Coasts

Clean Coasts

There are predictions that, by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. You can play your part in helping to combat this global epidemic, while immersing yourself in Ireland’s extensive coastline.

The Clean Coasts Corporate Volunteering Programme is a great opportunity for your delegates to make a tangible and immediate improvement to the coastal environment. It is also a fantastic team-building and personal development opportunity outside of the normal environment!

Delegate numbers: 10-30 (larger numbers possible by request)
What it is: Cleaning local beaches
Who it supports: The environment and our ecosystem
Time needed: 3 - 5 hours
Who to contact: Áine Purcell-Milton, An Taisce

Inner City Helping Homeless

Inner City Helping Homeless
Since 2015, the number of homeless families in Ireland has increased by over 200% and more than 3,000 children are now affected by homelessness. Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) is a non-government-funded charity organisation and a vital community service, offering a range of supports to help the homeless.

Delegates’ time can be spent helping the outreach team by preparing meals for those on the streets, assembling hygiene packs, sorting donations and other much-needed things. ICHH is eager for volunteers from all walks of life and can tailor activities to suit your delegate group.

Delegate numbers: Up to 10
What it is: Providing help to the Dublin homeless population
Who it supports: Homeless people and those at risk of homelessness in Dublin
Time needed: However long you would like!
Who to contact: Ann Birney

In Nature, Off-Grid, On Full Charge

A large tree's roots and purple flowers at Kilruddery Estate

The beautiful freedom of Killiney Hill in County Dublin and Killruddery Estate, Co.Wicklow are the main locations for our Red Squirrel Treasure Hunts. Here your team will start the day with an inspiring facilitation session, refreshed with local treats. Setting out in teams, they will work together to solve logical problems, observational clues and mind-twisting tests, all in amongst two of Ireland's most treasured beauty spots.

Designed with minimum technology, this off-grid, low-tech hunt will see your team interact personally again. Our variation in clue types ensures everyone can reveal their natural strengths and enjoy being given a chance to shine.  Our treasure hunts are also an opportunity for you to off-set your travel carbon footprint! We can do tree planting as part of our package with our professional foresters too. 

Delegate numbers: 20-60 is ideal (maximum 500 delegates) 
What it is: Treasure hunt for adults
Who it supports: The environment and our ecosystem
Time needed: 2 Hours 
Who to contact: Anna O'Flanagan 
Instagram: @loveredsquirrel

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