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Temporary Covid-19 Response Scheme

To increase Destination Subvention to €100 per international delegate

Fáilte Ireland have made the following temporary amendments to the current guidelines to help key decision makers choose the Republic of Ireland to host their next international business event:

  • To increase Destination Subvention, from the pre pandemic levels of €10pp to €100 per international delegate for all ‘in person’ attendees at qualifying business events held in Republic of Ireland in 2022, to a maximum grant of €100,000.
  • Applications to be received 2 months in advance of the event.
  • Penalties will apply should the event deliver less than 80% of the number of international delegates proposed in the funding application.

This funding is in addition to any other bid and site inspection support. Terms and conditions for bid and site inspection support remain unchanged.

Eligibility Criteria

1. All applications must be completed online through our Financial Supports application page.

2. The upweighted supports are available for all new applications received from 1 December 2021 in respect of events taking place in Ireland before end December 2022.  Applications received to end December 2022, for events due to take place in future years, will revert to a maximum funding of €30 per international delegate.

3. If the applicant is a University, DMC, PCO or Core PCO, the applicant must inform the Association/Client in writing that Fáilte Ireland are providing this support and agree to deduct the amount awarded from the client’s final invoice.

4. A minimum number of international delegates is required to be considered for support ie. 100 for international association conferences and 50 for international corporate meetings and incentive travel groups, in addition to a minimum stay of two overnights in the Republic of Ireland.

5. Applications must be received by Fáilte Ireland at least two months in advance of the event taking place. Retrospective applications will not be accepted.

6. Fáilte Ireland requires the co-operation of applicants in the research of sustainability and impact of the event, however it is not mandatory to have a formal sustainability and impact plan in place at the time of application.

7. All venues and accommodation used and promoted for this event must be Fáilte Ireland approved where appropriate and must adhere to the current Covid Safety Charter.

8. Drawdown of funding will be available after the event has taken place and following the submission of a post event report.

9. Claims for support must be received within 12 weeks of the event taking place. Funding will be automatically released after this date.

10. Proof will be required that the event took place and the actual number of international delegates that attended in person. Independent validation is required and Failte Ireland reserve the right to conduct additional validation spot checks.

11. Funding penalties will apply, via a reduction in funding, for not reaching targets projected within the application form e.g. If delegate numbers fall below 80% of target, a reduction of €100 for each missing delegate will be deducted.

12. Allocation of funding is conditional on applicants meeting the following terms:

• All applicants of funding must be tax compliant i.e. current tax clearance or a non-resident tax clearance certificate required. In addition, grantees must ensure all contractors, sub-contractors, consultants and suppliers used to deliver the event are tax compliant and adhere to Irish/EU legislation/regulations.
• The grantee must be compliant with DEPR Circular 14/2014.
• Applicants are compliant with De Minimus State Aid rules.
• Grantees must adhere to Government health and safety guidelines at the time of the event taking place.
• Grantees must meet all Irish and EU legislation and regulations when running the event.

Financial support is subject to budget availability and must comply with international and external audit requirements.

Each application is assessed on its own individual merits and is approved by Fáilte Ireland’s Meet in Ireland assessment committee.


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