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Kate O’Riordan

Kate O’Riordan

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Kate’s long-time career aspiration was to work within the tourism industry. She recently joined the Meet In Ireland team and plans to take up every challenge that crosses her path and every experience that comes her way with gusto!

"Growing up, I was fortunate to avail of travel all over Ireland to participate in national Irish Dancing competitions. Although I’ve hung up my dancing shoes for good, my feet have followed that well-trodden path since. I am a culture vulture and whenever I venture outside the Emerald Isle, I make sure to source and sample the best regional food, find some fine art or have a leisurely stroll around the museums.

A Dubliner at heart, the capital is my all-time favourite place in Ireland. It has the finger on the pulse regarding changing and transforming over time yet still staying close to its heritage. Dublin City is a major hub of art and culture; its artists, exhibitions and festivals make you feel like a child in a sweetshop! My favourite pastime is admiring art in the galleries or meandering through the many museums. If that’s not your cup of tea, there’s a sizeable selection of landmarks, monuments and green spaces to choose from – like St. Stephens Green Park."


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