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Joanne Taylor

Joanne Taylor

Tourism Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Joanne has almost 30 years of marketing experience with blue chip businesses – the hallmarks of which are excellence, value, dependability and the ability to function cost-effectively in boom times and downtimes. She has also acquired 15 years of valuable experience in business tourism, travelling to international trade fairs to make critical, successful sales calls and promoting Northern Ireland as a leading business tourism destination.

"I was born and brought up in Belfast but also enjoy travelling outside Northern Ireland. My hospitality work ethic extends to the home, and I’m the personification of the saying ‘from the plot to the pot!’ I love dogs, and two surrogate Cocker Spaniels pets regularly stay at mine for sleepovers!

I enjoy taking in some of Ireland's most scenic sights on the Causeway Coastal Route. I particularly appreciate its charming range of picturesque shops and savour its caf├ęs, filled with the best homemade delicacies."

Joanne’s favourite quote is by Helen Keller: "Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.”

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