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Caitriona Doran

Caitriona Doran

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CaitrĂ­ona has previously worked as a Sales and Marketing Intern at, an international start-up meetings and events company, and as Digital Marketing Manager for Access Earth, a social enterprise start-up. This is her first role primarily in business tourism.

"I am always open to new experiences. I’ve a huge passion for fitness, food and travel so I try to incorporate all three into my spare time. A perfect day would be to travel to a country I’ve never been to, take a run to see the sights, then wind down with a local delicacy to absorb even more of the culture. But if I can’t venture outside Dublin I will satisfy my wanderlust by creating my own adventure on home turf, either through a wellbeing workout or new brunch spot.

My favourite place in Ireland has, is and always will be the capital — Dublin. Despite being a native Dub, I still haven’t fully experienced all that Ireland’s largest city has to offer. Whether it’s the views from the summit on Tibradden Mountain or hiking trails through the Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill or experiencing restaurants with ambience, there are no limits!"


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