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Azeta Seery

Azeta Seery

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Azeta Seery has worked in the hospitality and services industry for almost 20 years, 16 of those within Fáilte Ireland. With a strong background in digital marketing and business development, she has a passion for meeting new people and sourcing incredible conferences to bring home.

“I’m a native of Dublin, but I absconded to Wicklow, the ‘Garden of Ireland’ in 2004 so I could have it all: sea, mountains, and, importantly, a strong rail link back to the shops! I’m happily settled in Bray with my husband and twin daughters now and love the bustle of the town and the tranquillity of the coastline.

My absolute favourite place in Ireland is the beautiful seaside village of Glengarriff in West Cork, in the northern-most corner of Bantry Bay. Surrounded by rugged mountains, it’s my oasis — the place I retreat to when I want to get away from it all.

Modern life comes with challenges, and my daily schedule can sometimes be a juggling act. One of the most comforting sayings I know is: ‘Always take time to breathe.’ ”


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