About Ireland

A land of innovation and a hard working, highly educated and skilled workforce, Ireland is currently in favour as the European HQ for internet giants. Still, the legendary “craic” and friendliness the Irish are known for worldwide hasn’t been lost with the country’s rise to modernity. Contemporary Ireland offers a range of experiences from vibrant multicultural cities to its renowned green landscape and rugged coastlines.

If your business or organisation is searching for a refreshing and motivational destination for your next conference, corporate meeting or incentive, look no further than Ireland.


Why Bring Your Event to Ireland?

Choose from city and country venues with first-class accommodation and recreation facilities.

Why Ireland?

Ireland's Cities & Regions

Whatever your conferencing or incentive needs, we’ve plenty of information on ideal locations.

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Getting to Ireland is Easy!

Direct flights from major cities and transport hubs worldwide.

How to get to Ireland

Things to Do

Things to do

Play a round of golf or dine in a seafood restaurant. Day or night, there are plenty of things to do.

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Get a Professional Organiser

If you wish to plan an overseas conference in Ireland, choose from a range of professional organisers to look after your event.