To be eligible for support the event must:

In order to be eligible for Event Ireland’s supports the event must be available for bidding, deliver a minimum of 100 international participants, be of significant economic impact to Ireland, have private sector investment, require almost no infrastructural additions or tie into planned infrastructural developments, and have ample lead in time to leverage key marketing opportunities.

The Event Ireland team have a wealth of knowledge to draw from regarding suitable venues across the country and boast superb event management skills too. All of which can be of significant benefit when it comes to site inspections, industry contacts and the cultural nuances involved in bringing international events to Ireland.

Meet in Ireland | BiddingBe available for bidding

Meet in Ireland | No infrastructural planningRequire little or no infrastructural additions, or tie into planned infrastructural development

Meet in Irleand | Event Ireland HotelsDeliver overseas visitors to Ireland

Meet in Ireland | Private sector investmentHave private sector investment

Meet in Ireland | Economic impactProvide significant economic




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