Why you should choose Ireland

A deeply passionate nation, we adore being part of the crowd that roars with unwavering support, infused with infectious energy. After all, it’s the sheer love of the game that ranks our amateur sports of Gaelic football and hurling, as the country’s most popular and revered. And it’s not just Irish events that are buoyed by our chants of enthusiasm.

You see, Irish hearts, like Irish doors, are always open. When Ireland hosted the Special Olympics World Summer Games in 2003, the occasion extended far beyond the limits of Dublin’s stadium Croke Park. The atmosphere spilled out onto every street in every county; because when Ireland hosts, the Irish host too.


We call ourselves The Event Island with good reason,

for the country itself is a living stage.

 Event Ireland | Giro d'Italia

When we host an event we share in its joy,

add to its atmosphere and welcome it as if it were our own.

 Event Ireland | American Football

The Event Island

From cosmopolitan cities to stunning seascapes, captivating cliffs to lush mountain tops, events held here take on the very essence of their surroundings. Events held here revel in world-class infrastructure, vibrant people and a landscape that never fails to inspire. And what we bring to every occasion is a style and spirit that’s uniquely Irish.

Simply put, in Ireland we make an event an experience.

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