Cities & Regions

A visit to Ireland for business can invigorate the mind and soul, no matter which corner of the island you visit. Business travellers to Ireland have the opportunity to unwind and relax while enjoying a range of breathtaking scenery across the regions. Views to enjoy include the country’s lush green countryside, inspiring mountain ranges, charming lakes and dramatic sweeping coastline.
Ireland’s vibrant cities and towns are pulsing with things to do and see. Ireland’s urban centres are busy day and night, with award-winning restaurants, luxurious hotels, lively local entertainment and, of course, some of the friendliest people in the world! For further assistance and advice at a local level contact our Regional Convention Bureaux.

Cities (featuring Regional Convention Bureaux and Marketing Groups)

Map of Ireland Cork Kilkenny Galway Dublin Belfast Derry Limerick / Shannon Northern Ireland East Ireland South Ireland West Ireland